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What is the cost of a Title Search Report and/or an Updated Report?

The cost of these title searches varies depending on many circumstances such as the number of registered owners, the estimated number of attachments, whether or not the interests will affect the property and many more.

In order to determine the costs of these reports, please click the 'More Details +' button located within each listing. Once you are on the 'More Details +' page for the property you are interested in purchasing a report for, all you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and IF the report is available, it will be posted with the according costs reflected.

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These are general icons which serve to give an idea of a property at a glance. For more elaborate information on properties showing these icons, be sure to check out their "More Details" page.

The absence of an icon does not necessarily have any implications.

Descriptive Icons

House or Seasonal Residence on Property House or Seasonal Residence on Property

Additional Structures Additional Structures

Building on Property Building on Property

Industrial Building on Property Industrial Building on Property

Vacant land Vacant land

Acreage Acreage

Waterfront or Riverfront Property Waterfront or Riverfront Property

Island Property Island Property

Treed Lot Treed Lot

Property No Longer Available Property No Longer Available

Public or Private Road Access Public or Private Road Access

No Public Road Access No Public Road Access

Building Permit Available Building Permit Available

Building Permit Unavailable Building Permit Unavailable

Title Search Available Title Search Available

Title Search Not Available Title Search Not Available

Property Can be Re-Zoned Property Can be Re-Zoned

Property Can Not be Re-Zoned Property Can Not be Re-Zoned

Potentially Landlocked Potentially Landlocked

Recommended Recommended

Zoning Icons

Residential, etc. Residential, etc.

Commercial, etc. Commercial, etc.

Agricultural, etc. Agricultural, etc.

Suburban, etc. Suburban, etc.

Urban, etc. Urban, etc.

Industrial, etc. Industrial, etc.

Open Space, etc. Open Space, etc.

Park, etc. Park, etc.

Rural or Resource, etc. Rural or Resource, etc.

Limited Services, etc. Limited Services, etc.

Environmental Protection Environmental Protection

Scenic-Corridor Scenic-Corridor

Hold or Hazard. etc. Hold or Hazard. etc.

PIN Either Partly or Entirely in Registry PIN Either Partly or Entirely in Registry

Northern Ontario Northern Ontario

Eastern Ontario Eastern Ontario

Southern Ontario Southern Ontario

Western Ontario Western Ontario

Central Ontario Central Ontario

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