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Maximize Property Exposure

Advertising your tax sale and surplus properties online ensures that your listings will be seen 24 hours a day / 7 days a week from anywhere in the world and, most importantly, will help bring more attention to your tax sale and surplus properties by effectively maximizing the exposure to prospective purchasers!

Tri-Target, an affiliate of The Tax Team, has an international market outreach which means you can be sure your properties will be seen by thousands of potential buyers. The more interest generated through your advertisements, the better the chances are to sell your properties, thus greatly decreasing the chances for a failed tax sale.

Our company will promote and advertise your tax sale and surplus properties on our website, many leading search engines, investor networking databases and much more! Our highly skilled team will work diligently to assure your property listings are shown to the world.

When selling your tax sale and surplus properties, advertising can make an enormous difference between closing the sale quickly and not closing at all - leave it to Tri-Target Inc. to ensure your listings receive the attention they deserve!

Save your Municipality Time!

Tri-Target will help to alleviate the vast majority of tax sale inquiries to your municipality by answering the numerous repetitive questions regarding the legislation, forms, title and many other aspects. Our Team's hands-on experience in conducting over 800 tax sales will leave you feeling confident that your properties are being handled carefully and all potential investors are being informed accurately and expediently.

Giving back to Ontario Municipalities

Tri-Target offers the most affordable and successful tax sale and surplus property advertising services in all of Ontario. Utilizing the skill and expertise our company offers can save your municipality up to 25% of the cost to advertise. This eliminates the need to substantially increase the minimum tender amounts of your tax sale properties to cover these costs which may subsequently result in drastically decreasing the interest generated from potential investors.

Our services are available at NO COST to your municipality whatsoever

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