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Looking for an investment property? Look no further!

Tri-Target.com is the worlds 'go to' destination, when searching for tax sales, municipal surplus land and even our for sale by owner properties in Ontario, Canada.

Our team is posting new properties all the time and almost every one of them
are for sale much below market value.

Each year there are literally hundreds of new properties advertised for tax sale,
which keeps our stream of lucrative real estate investment opportunities flowing strong and year round!

On Tri-Target.com you will find types of properties including,

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Cottage and Recreation Properties
  • Waterfront and Island Properties
  • Vacant Land and much more!

Information is power and at Tri-Target.com, its right here at your fingertips!


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At Tri-Target.com we provide 100% Free Membership, there are absolutely no fees to sign up!

By joining you will instantly have access to...

  • Every single property listing on Tri-Target.com, including available aerial and street-level pictures, interactive and GIS maps, basic and advanced property details, tender package download links and more
  • Free tender packages for ALL showcased tax sale properties
  • Direct access to Ontario's most reputable tax sale property experts, here to help you every step of the way!
  • Weekly newsletters informing you of new and upcoming tax sales, municipal surplus for sale by owner properties, tax sale news, member contests and secret link promotions - all sent directly to yourinbox!
  • Tax sale results for all showcased and any available general listings
  • Property pictures or maps for every property listed on our website
  • Tips and tricks, property research resources, free tools and helpful downloads!
  • Products for sale such as property title search reports and updated reports

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