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Connecting municipalities with the services they need.

muniSERV's mission

Helping municipalities and professionals connect - A Real Business Solution for Both of Us!

What is muniSERV.ca?

muniSERV is Canada's newest online solution for consultants and other professionals to connect directly to their municipal clients, find work and expand their businesses. The site appeals to both large firms and small independent consultants and other professionals because it offers a range of membership packages to suit your needs. (Basic - Free, Standard and Premium)

muniSERV is also the one-stop shop to connect municipalities with the consulting and other professional services they need. FREE for municipalities to use, muniSERV lets municipalities search for consultants and other services they need PLUS upload their Requests for Proposals and Tenders for free, saving time and money while offering a wider range of consulting and servicing options.

Helping Municipalities and Professionals Connect!

Why muniSERV?

First and foremost - Because there is no other site like it!

For Municipal Members:
  • FREE tool for municipalities to search for consultants & professionals 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Easy access - there is no login information to remember or share
  • One-time set up of municipal profile is quick and easy and once registered, any member of staff can upload RFPs, Bids & Tenders for FREE
  • Improved ability to find consultants and professional services, enhance their ability to increase their RFP responses and ultimately, more competitive quotes
  • Quick and easy searching to find consultants and services
  • Reduces advertising expenses - saves taxpayers' money
  • Saves time - easy to find more than one consultant/service provider to meet quote requirements
  • Showcases municipalities to prospective business interests to promote economic development

For Consultants and Professionals:
  • One-stop direct and enhanced access to municipal clients
  • No other site like it - unique opportunity to showcase services and find work in municipalities
  • Direct access to RFP's and Tenders - you can search the site each day and download the RFP's of interest to you
  • More economical than other forms of advertising available to reach municipal decision-makers
  • Ability to advertise in your particular area of expertise - you pick the service categories in which you want to appear
  • Pricing appeals to both large and small consultants - kick start or expand your business with a variety of pricing packages from FREE Basic to Standard or Premium packages
  • Expanded opportunities to excel online to showcase your business directly to your target market

How does it work?

muniSERV's searchable database is the key. How it works is, Consultants and Professionals select the type of membership that best suits their needs. When they set up their profile in muniSERV, they select the service categories in which they would like to appear. Then, when municipalities search for those services, muniSERV's searchable database will populate a list of all the consultants/professionals who provide that service. Easy!

Municipalities can then review their profiles in greater detail and decide whether or not they want to contact the professional member and/or invite them to submit a quote. Alternatively, if municipalities have uploaded their RFPs on muniSERV.ca, the professional members can see when a municipality is inviting quotes and they can then contact the municipality directly for more information.

So, muniSERV is bringing efficiency to municipal decision-making and enhancing the ability for consultants and professions to find work in municipal government - A Real Business Solution for Both of Us!

Want to learn more? Contact us: info@muniserv.ca - 855.477.5095

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